At the start of this year, we introduced comedian and well-known animal advocate Ricky Gervais to a dog named Scarlett. We know their meeting will stay with him. He explains why. Ricky says, “Meeting Scarlett and sensing her painful past will stay with me forever. Like all dogs she is incredibly gentle with a heart of gold, but the horrors of two years in a toxicology laboratory are etched in her eyes and body language. “This was clear, even in the relatively short time I spent with her. I’m delighted to have signed an Open Letter calling for animal experimenter Prof. Colin Blakemore to face the world’s leading medical opposition to such experiments, in a public science hearing judged by independent experts. I want people to be able to understand how these shocking experiments are now proven to also fail humans.” ClickHere ToRead TheRestOf ThisArticle Photo Credit: Joseph Sinclair for K9 Magazine