Nick tells us that dogs, like children, can exhibit different behaviours if they’re bored. “A bored child might become irritable, or they might start to act up, or they might just give up and do nothing. It’s the same with dogs. Some dogs will become demanding or pester you for attention, some will become naughty or destructive, and some will just give up and go to sleep. A lot depends on your dog’s age and personality.” ClickHere ToRead TheRestOf ThisArticle Animo: The lifelong activity and behaviour monitor for your dog Animo is a lightweight, collar-mounted behaviour and activity monitor which learns the activity and behaviour patterns unique to your dog. Used with the Sure Petcare Animo app, Animo tracks activity, sleep quality and changes in behaviour. The app sends alerts to you if there are significant behavioural events such as excessive barking, scratching and shaking, which can be indicative of stress, discomfort or illness.