Welcome... Welcome to K9 Magazine’s 122nd issue! We are delighted to bring you the latest edition and as always, we’ve been working hard to bring you a selection of features we hope you’ll enjoy as you read at home or on the move. This edition, we meet US actor Elisabeth Rohm who tells us how she fell in love with dogs as a child and her love has only grown. We also meet a dog who had been passed around five homes before adulthood. Now he’s helping to save endangered wildlife. It’s a fascinating story. But before you get started, watch this video and follow this dog’s journey. You won’t regret it. To see more dog videos, visit www.DogVideos.co Ryan O’Meara Editor, K9 Magazine In This Issue... Talking Point: How Dog Proof Is Your Home? Lifestyle: Interview With Elisabeth Rohm Real Life: Bluebell Needs You to Help Her Find a New Home Best Dog Products: 4 Products to Help You With Your New Year’s Resolutions Nutrition: 5 Signs Your Dog’s Diet Might Be Affecting Their Behaviour Real Life: Meet the Dog Saving Endangered Hedgehogs Health: Is Fish Good for Dogs? Nutrition: What Is Cold Pressed Dog Food? Book Club: Briards Were the War Dogs of World War I Everyone Wanted: Here’s Why eBook: How to Cure Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety & much, much more exclusively online! Click Here to Play the Video