An expert in the field, Andre Menache MRCVS told us that, from birth, laboratory dogs, bred specifically to be tested on are “raised in a closed, aseptic dog breeding ‘factory’ without open spaces and without natural light or air. Instead, they are exposed to artificial lighting, controlled temperature and humidity and ventilation system, along with the constant noise of barking dogs, water hoses, the banging of metal doors and the clanging of metal food containers.” At five months old he tells us they are sold to an animal testing laboratory and go through extensive training in order to get used to a laboratory environment. “If this isn’t more than enough to drive any dog crazy, including one as docile as a Beagle, what follows will be hell on earth.” Only a lucky few find freedom. Here are the stories of three of those dogs, as told by their owners. ClickHere ToRead TheRestOf ThisArticle Meet Scarlett Meet Bailey Jane Meet Gracie Lynn