Although details of her life before us were scant, I knew she’d come from a puppy farm in Wales and had been found seriously underweight, with a prolapsed womb, teeth and skin infections, almost blinded by untreated eye disease and cataracts and tied with rope around her neck in the back of an old barn. Her value to the person who confined and abused her was merely the puppies she produced, year after year. She was kept in conditions, on premises more akin to how livestock are housed than companion animals. ClickHere ToRead TheRestOf ThisArticle About the Author Janetta Harvey is a writer and commentator on the international puppy breeding industry. She is author of three books, Saving Susie-Belle, Saving One More and Saving Maya. Janetta lives with her husband, Michel, and their three dogs in England and France. Keep up to date with Janetta’s latest work and efforts to eliminate puppy farming online at or across social media on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.