Welcome... Welcome to K9 Magazine’s 112th issue! We are delighted to bring you the latest edition and as always, we’ve been working hard to bring you a selection of features we hope you’ll enjoy as you read at home or on the move. This edition of K9 Magazine has a very distinctive theme - animal welfare - and we’re honoured to have Ricky Gervais as our cover star. Ricky takes our cover with Scarlett, the Beagle Ambassador for the foremost science-based campaign, ‘For Life On Earth’. The meeting had a huge impact on the star, as he shares inside this issue. But before you get started, have you ever wanted to see how your dog would react if this happened to you? To see more dog videos, visit www.DogVideos.co Ryan O’Meara Editor, K9 Magazine In This Issue... Talking Point: Ricky Gervais on Why Animal Testing Is Failing Talking Point: This Dog Was Locked up for Nearly 3 Years, Now She’s Free Lifestyle: Peter Egan: ‘My Dogs Are a Vital Part of My Life’ Talking Point: What Is a Puppy Farmer? It Might Not Be Who You Think Best Dog Products: 4 Pet Brands You Need to Know About Health: Why Does My Dog Have Flaky Skin? Lifestyle: Explorer Ed Stafford on Why Big Is Better When It Comes to Dogs Real Life: Meet Three Beagles Who Got a Second Chance at Life Health: Emma Milne: ‘How Many More Generations of Animals Have to Suffer?’ Science: Experimenting on Dogs is Not Going to Provide Cures for Humans Talking Point: Could These Stray Dogs Be the Catalyst for Change for Animals in Europe? Travel: What to Do in Snowdonia With Your Dog eBook: Clicker Training for Dogs & much, much more exclusively online! Click Here to Play the Video